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Vladas Šlaitas Public Library of Ukmergė District Municipality

In 1922, the department of the Central Bookshop was established in Ukmergė that was assigned the library functions. In 1936, it was named Ukmergė Public Library.

In 1946, the Children’s Literature Department was established that became the District Children’s Library in 1950. In the years of centralization (1973-1976), when 12 village libraries were closed, the rest of 39 village and 2 city libraries became branches of the Central Library and the District Library was renamed Central Library.

In 1995, the Central Library was named the Pubic Library. In 2000, administrative building in Vytautas St was handed over to the Library and reconstructed: new Periodicals & Internet reading-room was established that was adapted to the needs of disabled people and other premises were fixed. As a result of implementation of the project financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania in 2003, the Island of Hope Day Centre with the Loft of Karlson toy library was set up in the Children’s Literature Department.

Each year the Library organises the Debuts Spring of Poetry Festival, the Returns Autumn of Poetry Festival, and the Librarian of the Year Competition; since 1999, a literary award of Vladas Šlaitas is awarded for the best works of poetry, prose and non-fiction.

The Library stores the collections of literary researcher Vincas Kuzmickas, and the collection of books and autographed books of fellow-countrywoman Genovaitė Stulpinienė. As a result of implementation of the project Granting the Name of the Writer V. Šlaitas to the Public Library in Commemoration of His Memory financed by the Culture and Sports Support Foundation of the Republic of Lithuania, the native homestead of the poet in Žemaitkiemis was arranged, the museum was established, and on 28 September 2005, the Library was granted the name of Vladas Šlaitas.

At present, the Public Library 27 village branches serve the readers of the district.